On a cool sunning day, reflections take on a whole new meaning. Through my camera lens I discover a distortion of an image that seems to be sending a message.

As an American, I find all the division in our society haunting. Are we on the right path, or are we as a country moving in the wrong direction?

Is a hard question to answer, one that I will keep to myself, as the political arena is so difficult to navigate these days. But as I looked at this image, I had this sinking feeling that our stars and stripes were being sucked into this swirling vortex. But it wasn't just our flag that was being drawn in but also the trees, the sky and the light. I wanted to grab the tail end of our symbol and pull it back down to earth to save it from disappearing into the abyss.


My Cannon Power Shot Sx530 HS, was busy that day, capturing reflections from my car as it stood perfectly still, posing for me.


The glass of the car windows showed the tall trees as the doors captured the wooden fence, some potted flowers and my white blouse draped over it.


As I moved around the vehicle, the light and camera angle created this distortion of the fence from the reflection . I thought this picture was strange, yet again, thought provoking. Can Americans become more flexible, willing to bend and stretch, to compromise for the common good of our country. I would like to think so. I believe most of us are kind hearted and generous. Most people that swirl around my world take care of each other, they share the love. I have hope for America, I refuse to believe we are at the end game. But there is work to be done, we just need to turn off the media and focus our efforts into becoming THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA once again.


As you can see from this angle, the trees in the windows are in clear view, yet the fence is stretched and elongated, distorted by the camera position.


Back to OLD GLORY.

A single red rose has joined the swirling vortex, bringing in the hope of a gentler, more loving American society. A red rose is a symbol of love, just what this world of ours needs more of, LOVE SWEET LOVE.


Best wishes to all you #shadow and #reflection hunters out there in #hive land.

A huge shout out to @galenkp and @tarazkp for running this special edition as well as your generosity. Nice going gentlemen, thanks.

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