Summer is my favorite time of the year.

The flower gardens are blooming, fresh vegetables are picked daily, the herbs are sweet and the pond is our playground. Just recently my #3 son came to visit us for the week with his lovely wife and beautiful blonde daughters. It has always been my belief that the younger you can get kids in the water and teach them to swim, the better. Children are natural swimmers. With a little instruction, as well as "swimmies" on their arms, they can learn to swim safely very quickly.

The weather was just perfect for enjoying the cool water. Everyone swam, but the girls were like little bobbers in the water. At just 3 and 20 months old, those little kiddles were swimming the full length of the lake by the week's end.

Our special guest of the week was our floating unicorn. He left quite a colorful reflection along with the trees.


Our friend floated on the water all day long, checking out the waterlilies as he made his way close to the shoreline.


He was a happy fellow, always smiling, even as some clouds rolled in the sky.


As Peyton searched for some fishies, her dad tried to catch one with a reel and a rod, leaving a perfect reflection as he concentrated on the business at hand.

pond reflections unicorn.png

Peyton caught on right away, blow bubbles she was told, keep the water out. Jordyn on the other hand took a little longer to get that concept. She was more like a puppy licking up the water. But after watching her big sister, she finally understood. Don't drink the water.

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It was such a wonderful week. Great memories for sure. Lots of laughs, great food, round after round of cornhole, playing cards in the evening and enjoying those sweet little girls learning to swim.


Now you can see why...I LOVE SUMMER.

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Great job one and all.

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