Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest- Round 189

Hi , how are you all? I hope you are well. I am also well by the grace of God. You are all always well and happy. I pray to God.

Friends, I am Fariduzzaman. Your friend. I have come to your favorite community again. I like this contest with some pictures of shadows among you. I regularly participate in this contest.

So friends let us enjoy some pictures of my shadow.


The shadow of the tree is on the road. The bright sun. It is very nice to see the shade of the tree in the middle of the sun. All these shadows are found only in the middle of the bright sun.


A mango tree on top of the shop The shadow of the mango tree has fallen. Looking at the shadows on the street, it seems as if the shadows have built their own building.







All the above pictures are my own shadow. I took the shadow pictures with the camera of my mobile phone. I took the shadow pictures while walking. I look at the pictures and am surprised.
I don't recognize my own shadow. All shadows seem unfamiliar. It is very nice to see the shadows. I have given such shadows a few more times in the Shadow Hunter Contest.I can't figure out how my shadows are like this, whether it's a game of the sun or some other secret. I can't try to figure it out. In fact, the shadows are weird.Shadow is a strange thing. Shadow is actually a strange feeling. Shadow is our real companion. That partner never leaves us behind.

Friends, here are some pictures of my shadow. If you like it, please comment. Your comment encourages me to write the next post. I try to gift some better pictures.

My Divice Information

DeviceWalton RM4
Photo EditorPixelLab

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