My Relationship With Light

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My relationship with light is more a relationship with the shadow, but one does not exist without the other. Photography is one of my greatest passions in life, and the word photo itself means light, but with that, comes shadows. And that is what we are here for.

I am always and forever searching for the light, but for me it actually means searching for the light that plays so beautifully into the shadows. I'll take low key over high key every day. If there is just lightness all over, I am not intrigued by it, I need the shadows to draw me in. I only need the light to highlight the more interesting shadows. I search for the shadows even in people, bright happy surfaces do not interest me, I want to play in the shadows.



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I have an almost morbid curiosity with the shadowed side of life, the darkness in all of us.

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A collection of photographs I've taken over the years that display my fondness for the shadowed side of photography, and life.