entry smash 298: even more off the wall

here are some more shadows from the wall of the dock in the harbor. the wall is there to prevent boats from docking on the outer side. i doubt that whoever put the wall there intended it to be so but it doubles as a screen for shadows of the boating guests and bypassers.

this entry shot has been edited to give the shadow a 3D effect. this was done by maximizing the whiteness of the wall, reducing the overall clarity while increasing saturation. normally i want the shadow to be sharp so i might increase clarity but for this shot i have done the opposite

in the original unedited the legs and the comical unnatural bend are more prominent. by making the wall so white i lost much of that aspect

for this mermaid shot i whitened the wall but here increased the clarity. the cracks in the wall just happened to fit the shadow. these shots are candid with moving subjects so i didn't even notice the cracks until i saw the photo.

edited to black and white with max white and high contrast and clarity

if that arm was any lower...

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