entry smash 215

each year at midnight on the eve of easter sunday i take one glass of my finest liqueur to celebrate the glorious occasion. this year i was having some difficulty deciding which one of these exquisite hand blown glasses to use, as each is unique. so i decided to line all six of them up and give them each a microphone and the opportunity for them to convince me why i should choose that particular one.

unfortunately none of them said anything of any import so i rearranged them a little to see if one of them stood out in some other way

this proved to be somewhat helpful but still nothing conclusive was revealed. so we agreed to have a 'last man standing' type decision as long as they promised not to break each other. that would be most inauspicious and totally inappropriate. after all i would not be able to resurrect any of them.

thus a glass was finally chosen, along with a runner-up just in case

and with that i wish all shadow hunters a happy easter and a good night

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