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all along the coast where i live in Norway we have many fascinating formations carved in the ubiquitous rockfaces.

these egnimatic ones i present today we call jettegryter. jette is a kind of troll and gryte means kettle. now a geologist or glaciologist will tell you that these were milled many thousands of years ago by the river flowing under the glacier during the last ice age. the water pressure under tons of ice was extremely high and with the help of stones caught in a swirling current in the river these smooth round holes were gradually milled and have maintained their present form ever since.
now as plausible as that explanation may seem, i can assure you it is in fact a conspiracy theory. the old norwegian folklore is much closer to the recondite truth about what these coastal pothole formations really are.

though their shapes do resemble old-style iron kettles that are/were suspended over a fire, they have nothing at all to do with the preparation of food. instead they are actually portals or doorways for a peculiar breed of jetter who live deep underground or more precisely in this case, underneath the bottom of the sea. these jetter are particularly hermetic, they have an almost humanoid form apart from their asymmetrical arm-like appendages and their heads. their head shape has inspired many depictions of alien lifeforms. most noticeably these jetter have an unusually complex insect-like probiscus.

jetter in general abhor contact with humans (for good reasons) but strangely enough the coastal jetter seem to have a degree of affinity for shadow hunters. i think it is because they can sense we are seeking a connection to their predominantly dark world. though they remain leery, they appear to somewhat tolerate our presence as long as we are completely alone, remain unobtrusive and keep our distance.

so the other day when i came upon this jette we cautiously observed each other without fear or prejudice we were maybe 30 meters apart. he was calmly sucking water from a jettergryte with that weird probiscus and remained undisturbed when i showed up. as bizarre as the entire event was everything actually felt perfectly normal and serene. i was considering attempting to slowly approach but all of a suddnen it revealed the four fingers of his hand. it was so totally unexpected a chill raced both up and down my spine and i began to shake. it was so shockingly close to human. i totally freaked out and left in a hurry.

at a safer distance i cast a glance back but it was already gone.

now in afterthought i realize there is so much about our prehistory and even our history that has been kept from us. who knows what else lies hidden in the darkness?
the shadow knows

i was very much alone when i took these photos. the entry image is of course the one with the four fingers.

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