entry shadow hunters 172 titled: thyme for shadows

it has been a cold and windy may here but today we finally got a nice warm sunny day. i was out working in the garden sowing seeds and moving plants sown indoors out for the summer when i noticed a potted thyme plant casting an interesting shadow. but i couldn't get just my camera and take a shot. no no the shadow was begging me to try a little simple experimental arranging.

we have a few buckets of various degrees of decomposed compost. the freshest bucket must be kept covered to keep the seagulls out. they make a real mess if they get a chance and it's not particularly pleasant to clean up after them. so we have a couple of old wooden wine crates that i split up and use as a lid. i put the pot with the thyme on the crate lid and took these shots above. people tell me the pressure treated pine flooring is getting old and wonder when i am going to replace it. but i like it the "mature" look- it's not rotting so i will keep it for a few more years

a couple of weeks ago i painted the wooden patio furniture. i used two tones- grayish blue and greenish gray. when i placed the pot of thyme onto the blue side of the table i was surprised how blue the shadow was.

shadows are naturally blue in the yellow-orange light but when cast on a blue surface the color becomes far more apparent. and while i like the natural color...

the table background reminded me of the sky so i tried to edit it to make it appear more like a night sky. good night

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