entry shadow hunters 164 titled off the rails

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on the road west from Stavern there's a bridge crossing a steam just at the bend in the road by the old stone church.

now Old Berg church is interesting all by itself. the original was built in the 1100's but centuries later it was in bad disrepair so it was torn down when a new wooden one was built nearby. Fortunately the stone church was rebuilt a century ago as a true replica of the original. many of the original features were saved and reused in the newer model so it has a real old feel to it and real historic value. but from a shadow hunting perspective it is not particularly special. There are some trees, gravestones and such but still nothing much to post here. however the guard rail on both sides of the bridge well worth stopping for.

this is my entry photo here. that's my shadow and my car but the focus is on the way the shadow curves away from the rail as it follows the slope down to the stream

these shots are taken with my back to the church

this is the same angle earlier in the morning a few days later

the rails on the north and south side of the road are almost identical but the southern shadow is your typical "middle of the road" shadow.

the northern shadow is where all the action is. these next shots are taken from the other side of the road, facing the church side of the river


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