entry sh contest 167 titled: the second consequence of existence

the second consequence of existence

you immediately ask "the second?? what's the first?"
i had hopes you might make an effort to contemplate the matter so i reply
"yes, good question. well, if i show you some photos of how i arrived at the second, then you should be able to figure out the first consequence! deal?"

by proceeding from here you have agreed to uphold your part of the deal

the story begins when i accidently discovered this portal, dowsing for something completely different. maybe i will tell that story some other shadowy day.

this particular portal was installed by the germans during their occupation of norway in world war 2. every good conspiracy theorist knows the nazis had highly sophisticated technology acquired from their contacts with evil aliens based in antarctica. this portal was cleverly disguised as one of the many cannon mounts strategically located at the mouth of oslofjord, to be more precise in vestre rakke, just outside my town, stavern.

these days nobody else i know of is aware that this portal can still be activated. it is widely regarded as just another moderately interesting coastal WW2 relic.
the germans configured the portal to connect to evil forces so
now this is important-
to avoid summoning them i painstakingly reconfigured it by adjusting it to one of the solfeggio frequencies. i have a theory that by dialing in 963 hertz, often referred to as the pure miracle tone one can sufficiently activate the crown chakra to connect each and every one of us to the source of all humanity. i am not quite ready for that level yet and even if i was i would not post about it here. so instead i dialed in 639 hertz which targets the heart chakra and is therefore recommended for enhancing harmonious relationships and honest communication. it is most beneficial for those who are prone to excessive exaggeration and to embellish reality to the point where others fail to follow.

when correctly configured both the center of the portal and the chakra of the operator will glow in harmony.p1010379_a_3.jpg

as i slowly settled into a compatible ruminant state, i felt humanity itself reaching out and connecting with me

at first i thought i was in some new kind of dreamy exploration type meditation but it gradually dawned on me that i had come to realize the second consequence of existence!

now i have upheld my part of the deal, so i ask -
what is the first?