entry sh contest 162 titled let's redecorate

why not check out this shadow hunters contest. some pretty interesting perspectives going on here: @hive-179017/shadow-hunters-contest-round-162

the contest entry photo is the last one, the one after redecorating

life in rural india has it's challenges. one of them is infrastructure- you know, like roads, mobile phone coverage, internet speeds. luckily we have our own well with very good water, but electricity is a major issue. in addition to the regularly planned weekly load shedding power outages there are frequent blackouts due to any number of reasons and one never knows why or when they'll be over. so people equip themselves with torches (flashlights), oil lamps and candles as well as copious amounts of patience and tolerance.

when blackouts occur in the night either we get out the torches and candles or we just go outside in the garden to sit under the stars and moon. well one night long before i was officially a shadow hunter, i got out our most powerful torch and it's light happened to fall on our empty laundry basket while i was on the way out the door. it cast a nice shadow, so my wife said to bring the basket out and we can make some fun shadow designs on the wall.

the electricity still hadn't returned after sitting and talking on the front swing for a whille so we decided to make some more designs inside the house.

these were pretty good but my wife suggested i try editing them. she knew if i photoshop them a little they would be less realistic but far more interesting.


these were starting to look much better but...

...when i applied the invert filter it came out like this.
not bad for a torch, laundry basket, camera and a laptop with photoshop.

so we continued to mess around to see what we could come up with. (see my wife's feet.) this one...

...turned into this just by applying the invert filter

when i was playing around with this photo i liked how it was turning out so...
...an idea popped into my head. i said "let's redecorate the whole place"

now this is a normal view from inside the house in daylight- before redecorating...

here's the original shadow photo from a slightly different angle before editing

...and after here is my contest entry photo of how our newly painted with light house could look.

so if you don't know what to do the next time your lights go out why not give a little redecorating with light and shadows a go. when they come back on you'll be glad you did

all editing was done with the free version of photoshop express