announcing the very third guess the shadow contest

tonight at midnight UTC the very second guess the shadow contest shall close
so if you haven't yet surmised the identity, remember that also creative and funny conjectures are rewarded

tomorrow with great fanfare we shall finally unveil this past week's mystery shadow. we realize the suspense may be more than some can handle so
meanwhile it is with both pleasure and excitement that today we present the latest in the series of arcane figures for all shadow hunters to ponder

can you guess what is making this shadow?
now it would be too easy if we gave a hint but some explanation is in order. there is a ruffled red translucent curtain concealing a white flat surface, this shadow is cast not only on the curtain but also on the white surface.
place your guesses by march 15. and remember, the real reason for this challenge is to have fun and the rewards are given accordingly.

speaking of rewards please join us in thanking our wonderful @melinda010100 for her unstinting contributions and of course a big thanks to our loyal sh sponsors: @ecency @taskmanager @pixresteemer and @galenkp.
as stated in previous posts any suggestions to how this contest can be improved are most welcome. as are any images that you think would make a good challenge.
50% of all upvote income of this contest goes to the sh community@hive-179017.

best of luck to all

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