announcing the 5th guess the shadow contest

tonight at midnight UTC the 4th guess the shadow contest closes
so if you haven't yet surmised the identity of that mystery shadow, remember that also creative and funny conjectures are rewarded. but hurry here's the link

if you've already figured that one out or even if you can't,
don't want to,
are unable to,
shall not,
are not in the mood to,
are incapable of,
lack the mental capacity to,
are too busy to
are not cut out for,
are not inclined or otherwise predisposed to,
are confused about,
couldn't come up with any guesses for,
are unqualified to
may not or must not,
are too tired to,
don't feel like,
are overwhelmed by
are hog-tied regarding,
couldn't care less about,
are impuissant to
don't have time to
are not equal to the task to
ought not, or
just plain don't give a ____ about,
well for whatever reason, (and i understand there are many) you can come up with-
now what i really don't get is that it's so easy to come up with such an improbable excuse yet so hard to come up with even the most ridiculous guess...

well in any case i'm more than happy to provide everybody with a spanking

what is making this shadow??

new opportunity and hereby introduce this week's shadow image to ponder

@hive179-017 is most generous in providing prizes for the correct answer. if you think some ______ (-body else) has beaten you to your guess, no need to despair, all is not lost because there are also prizes for funny and creative answers, the point is we're trying to have some fun here so do join in.

this contest has one basic rule:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
please live by it at least until midnight March 29th

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