announcing the 22nd guess the shadow contest!!

50% of the beneficiary rewards to this post go in support of #hive-179017

modestly manicured @melinda010100 is providing the prizes-
10 HIVE and 400 POINTS!!! feel free join me in thanking her profusely.

our charitable judges may also recommend pixresteemer nominations to boot.
i would like to express my sincere appreciation to the generous sponsors of the entire shadow hunters community: @hive-179017 @pixresteemer @ecency @taskmanager @apnigrich and @galenkp.

the first to surmise what is making the mysterious shadow below gets a prize but there are also prizes for other guesses and for engagement- mostly based on entertainment value. it's not much fun if everybody's guesses are almost the same. creativity and humor shall be rewarded both in guesses and engagement with other contestants. if you haven't been among the winners recently try giving a fuller description especially if you are banking on a wild and humorous guess. in general the replies with more expansive substance tend to get better prizes than the minimalistic ones.

we also have an elite class prize- the highly ehived venwood prize is awarded
for an extraordinary reply which stretches the limit of what is conceivable to the point where readers can't help but burst out in laughter or at least shake their head in wonder. the venwood prize shall only be bestowed for advanced effort abounding with fantastical elucidation. a good one-liner just won't do,

at present the total venwood prize pot is 8 HIVE. in each contest round the full pot is up for grabs but actual rewards may vary between 0 and full pot. 100% of any donations are most welcome and go directly into the pot previous donators have been @stevenwood, @melinda010100 and @dandays.

monday night at midnight UTC the 21st guess the shadow contest closes
so this is the last call to "solve" that stumper. i am in the mountains for a few days so i will be a day or two late posting the winners for that

anyway here is the new mystery shadow
care to wager a guess?

in the likely event you can't discern what is causing this shadow try going for a really crazy but funny reply with lots of improbable humorous details. but then again for all i know maybe you instantly recognize it. time will tell.

anybody replying that this is an apple may risk discovering their father is really william tell and he has been arrested for not complying with the social distancing regulations. the authoritarian governor has just now given him two options- death or...

other than the above warning the contest as always has only one rule.
a rule which remains as simple as it is difficult:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
please live by it at least until midnight July 26th.

for an in-depth history of this timeless rule please refer to this fine post:

and while you are in the community:
i strongly suggest you submit some summertime shadows here:

and register recent reflections in round 26:

happy guessing to all

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