Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh. ROUND 283 {The palm tree 🌲}

Holla bloggers and fellow shadow hunters.

We finally took time to visit our new site, which has been under development for years, the whole pandemic created some kind of set back in the project. finally we are here, it feels like some kind family vacation but it wasn't, my mum didn't tag along. on getting there we accessed the area looking at some part of the building that needed urgent attention, only to find out that a palm tree as grown so tall by the side of the building.

the weird part is, about 6 years ago it was I and my elder brother that planted this palm tree without the knowledge of our parents, we never knew it will survive the harsh environment we planted it, moreover we thought eventually we will visit before it got taller. Now it has grown so tall that we have to find a way to uproot it before it damages the side of the building.

It does create some kind of shadow for people to sit and rest by the side of the building but it reign is now coming to an end. seeing how majestic it look I decided to take a couple of pictures to serve as an evidence of its existence after the whole development is done.


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