Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 167


A shadow selfie of me and a random plant. Captured this last week before my self quarantine. I was on my way to office. A sunny morning.

Have been stuck inside my daughters' room for the sixth day now. Everything is ok. No more runny nose. No more headaches. šŸ¤ž I will be out of the quarantine in a few more days. As good as new. šŸ¤—

I am so gonna hug my girls when I am out. Miss them a lot although we are under the same roof all the time. We only communicate with each other via FB Messenger. Yup, each of them have their own account which I create for them.

Happy Tuesday to all of you. ā™„ļø



  1. Post into the Shadow Hunters Community

  2. Your title should include the words "Shadow Hunters Contest ENTRY "

  3. It will be helpful if you include your link in a comment on the contest post.

  4. You may still enter single photos for the contest, but they will not receive OCD curation unless you put together a quality post.

  5. You can create a Shadow Photo post without entering the contest.

Focus on the shadow!

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