Shadow Hunters of the Tree at Night

Good day to all shadow hunters hiveans!

This is my new entry to @melinda010100 Shadow Hunters Contest #142 and to the Shadow Hunters Community as well including @annephilbrick the curator of the entries. I thank all of you for initiating this kind of contest that gives inspiration to us to hunt shadows which I really didn’t care before but because of this community I started giving importance and it was really awesome. To all the sponsors thank you so much.

It was late at night after my part time work at the convenience store walking along the street as I passed this tree that had this shadow on the road so clearly designed as if it was an art of a gallery.

The picturesque of the other side really amazed me knowing that this tree bloomed the cherry blossom flowers during the spring season.

Before reaching our home, I made a couple of shots of my own shadow casting also the house light besides that gave a flashing ray shadows so lovely to see that reflected my pose.

There you are shadow hunters hiveans, hope that you like the photos. All photos are original of iPhone 7plus. Thanks for dropping by.


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