Lace Curtain Shadows

Hello to all shadow hunters lovers. I’m one of the avid fan of shadow hunters now and since that @melinda010100 is on a vacation, I would like to share some photos of mine that I took while cleaning our house.

It was at noon time, I guessed and the sun was at its peaked that the sunlight passes my son’s room sliding door. I was amazed by the beauty that reflected a shadow to our lace curtain. So beautiful art image, the design made by the sun’s silhouette was amazing.

The houses here are usually composed of two rooms to three rooms for an apartment or mansion type houses. The room with sliding door usually used for going to the veranda or washing section. My son’s room is at this portion so I need to get all his dirty clothes then pass this door to wash them. You can see his comforter beside where he used to sleep and he prefers the old style Japanese futon to get to sleep instead of a bed with frame.

The full image of the lace curtain.

The shadows in a wave line that reflected was a first ever experienced of mine seeing such lovely shadow and I remembered my mischievous son the day he hanged this curtain placing the curtain clip hooks. I was out that day, as a can recalled then when I entered our house the curtain was hanged already. Wow, so thoughtful of my son that he helped me changing his room curtain. He was still an elementary 6th grade or fresh junior high at that time. I really can’t remember the exact age. As I was inspecting his work, I bursted a laugh seeing what he did to the curtain hooks. He made them one at a distance of two instead of every curtain hook portion. It looked perfect in front but seeing the back made me into tears of laughter. Lol. I can’t really recalled what he placed at the back instead of hooks. Anyway, just make a conclusion that it may be a toy or something.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed my short story and I would like to hear your comments if it’s ok with you.
All photos are original of iPhone 7plus.


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