My Entry for Show Me A Shadow Contest Round 321

Hey everyone! So a couple weeks ago, I had a fun little task – driving a guest from our office back to their hotel with my coworker Ayu.

We just wrapped up a special three-day technical training for our implementation staff, with these amazing trainers who are total experts in their field.

Anyway, when we dropped our guest off at the hotel, I snapped this pic. Turns out there was this whole other event going on there too, and the place was packed! Cars were everywhere, even parked on the way to the lobby. We ended up having to park a little further out because of all the craziness.

I couldn't resist taking some photos while we were there. I'm kind of obsessed with cool shadows, so I thought I'd share some phone pics I took that day. The first one is actually my entry for a contest by @melinda010100, the Show Me a Shadow Contest!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! Catch you next time, and have a fantastic day!

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