Shadow Contest #173 : Experimenting shadows

I was interested in knowing how a shadow of other items will look like after capturing a shadow of myself which I consider to be my entry for the contest. The interest in capturing other item was to be able to guess rightly an item by looking at the shadow.

Below is a shadow of clothes dried on a rope, that's easy to identify looking at the image. The clothes and rope is vivid to help interpret the silhouette image, but as I continued to capture.more shadows of different things, I realized a more complex image that will keep one guessing what the image may be.


The shadow below is of a palm tree leave. This also can easily be guessed, the branches and the shape of the leave could easily be recognize. I just wanted to capture everything around and I found the leaves casting it shadow and inviting me for a shot. What a day, I was home resting from work today, so I decided to take an advantage to capture all the shadows I could.


This last shadow seems a bit complicated, one could hardly guess what shadow it is if there wasn't a glimpse of the captured item on the photo. It's a shadow of an iron bucket with wide diameter, the shadow doesn't look like it, instead it looks like a tray, this knowledge will help me guess a bucket next time.

Hope you had a good time viewing the random shadows of the different items.

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