Entry For The Shadow hunters/SMASh Contest 257 || Capturing a rusty iron ghost with a macro lens

Hello everyone, shadow hunters. I really hope you all have a great time today. Hopefully so.

Even though this is my first time here, in the Shadow Hunter community, but I don't hesitate to enter this amazing contest, because here I have some amazing pictures that I will show here.

In the middle of this sunny day, I deliberately looked for some object photos. Even though I only have a smartphone camera, that doesn't mean that I can't take good pictures.

With the addition of a simple macro lens, I finally have an idea for the image I'm showing here. Near an old workshop I found several kinds of rusty old iron, such as bolts, mortar, and others.

The old iron has been thrown away, I got it on the ground among the grass on the right side of an old workshop.

I looked at the rusty old iron. At that time the sun was at its zenith, and there were amazing shadows from the rusty iron.

Installing the macro lens that I have on my smartphone, then I started shooting the rusty object.

In this section, the shadow of the object is only slightly visible, it may be because the sun is right at the zenith.

I had to reposition the object slightly from its original position to get the perfect image, turning it upside down and placing it slightly higher off the ground.

And some others I tried to move the rusty iron, move it from its original place and put it on the cement on the right side of the old workshop.

At this position the sunlight is well reflected and casts a beautiful shadow on the scrap metal. All of these images have gone through a slight editing process to add a bit of sharpness and clarity to these photos.

And that's an amazing reflection of some rusty scrap metal that I've rendered in macro view.

I finally posted all of those shadings here in the shadow hunting SMaSh contest chapter #257. That's all for now. See you again in the next edition.

Thanks For Reading

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