Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest Round 166 ~ Blurry Reflection

Hello there

Welcome to my entry for Reflection Hunters contest round 166. If I recall correctly, This is the first time I participate on Reflection Hunter contests. Usually I only join shadow hunters, not reflection hunters, but hey... there is always the first time, isn't it?

The theme I pick today is blurry pool. Below is my entry shot, it is taken on my father's house backyard. He was rich in the past, but C19 pandemic had taken everything from him. Well not being a homeless beggar is already a blessing for us.


If you read my last shadow hunter entry here, you can guess that this place is on the next of the balcony where I took my shadow hunter shot. Recently I came alot frequent to his house, helping him doing some maintenance and renovating some of the garden there.

We are selling this house at the moment, because we need cash and maintaining the house itself drains a lot of cash. So selling this house is like killing two bird with one stone, we get the money, and we cut off one of our biggest monthly expenditure.


In the past we held some parties regularly here, where our big family gathered. I believed for this poolside place, the highest attendance was 60 people. Well the most attendance or visitors we had for the whole event were around 150-160 people. We still had another part of the house, which was on our fish pond that could hold around 100 people standing and sitting there.


Why do I pick this pool for my entry today? well in the past I often saw this pool for quite a long time, maybe 10-15 minutes. The blurry reflections which moving due to the waves made this pool giving some kind of Visual ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). It's a good visual stimulus, which somehow helped me a lot to release tension or stress.

Ok that's my Reflection Hunter entry for today. Thank you for reading my entry post, feel free to leave any comment and feedback, and see you next time


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