Shadow Hunters /Smash Contest Round 321

Good day everyone in the house, happy weekend to you all, i believe we all had a great time, we give all the creator the glory for that great privilege of a new day.

You are all welcome to my blog relax as I carry you through my shadow Hunters for this week, enjoy yourself.

I decided to use the shadow of my goat,
This goat has never give birth, this is her first time, i have being waiting patiently to see The day the goat will take in, there were a lot of discouragement from people when they found out that the goat has reach two years but yet it has not give birth, some told me to sell the goat is not a good breed while others said I should kill the goat because they have never see such type of goat

But I just tried to give the goat more time to see hahahaha here she is with her bouncing twins healthy and good looking.

Lesson learn

  • Never give up In life no matter how terrible the situation may look like
  • Never compare your situation with others because you are not them you are who you are, because it didn't work out for them doesn't means it will be the same with you.
  • Lastly patience is a virtue, never rush in taking action, when people advice you.

I was patience with my goat now I'm smiling with the set of twins am seeing.
Thanks for stopping by.

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