Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest - Round 298

Dear everyone

Today I tried a new challenge, namely hunting shadows to participate in the contest organized by @melinda010100

If you have any shadow images in your collection, I think you have a good chance of getting involved in this spectacular contest, and here is the contest link
Contest shadow hunter by @melinda010100

As you already know that December is the wettest month in our city and the sun is sometimes hidden behind the clouds and there is not even the slightest light on the surface of the earth, so yesterday I found this contest and I consider that this will really be a serious challenge for me, and how lucky I am today the sun appeared at around 16.00 WIB, and it really makes me happy because my challenge has been answered, with feeling full of enthusiasm I wrote this for the contest from Melinda.

I uploaded several shadow images for this contest, the first is a photo of the shadow from the roof of the building (cafe), and this clearly shows the shadow on the road when the sun is to the west of the building, I captured this image from inside the cafe so that the image stands out forward direction.
thank you very much for reading, here are some great shadow pictures I have got today and more magnificent because the shadow pictures are in December, the wettest month in our city due to continuous rain, see you all

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