Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 129

It is incredible how we never realize the things that happen to us and that surround us, an example of this is that I was on the bus heading downtown to meet a friend and when I was on my cell phone I looked at my feet and saw that There is the reflection of the bus can, where part of the bus and my pants were reflected. This reflects that with a little observation we find reflections everywhere.
The day was sunny and I was in the first seats of the bus, the day after the bus was quite good, I was able to talk with my friend and we went to the movies after that. It is good to spend quality time with the beings that one esteems the most.

The lesson that this experience teaches me is that it is only a matter of appreciating what surrounds us with more attention. Small things and details are something that we must take more into account, that's why they know how to tell me that I'm somewhat clueless and I don't realize everything and in a certain way this is real.

I want to thank @olgavita for this beautiful activity that allows us to express through what we capture with our cameras or cell phones.

I invite everyone to join this activity, attached post.

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