After All That I Went With The Long Veiny One

If you're reading this it means I managed to click the post button successfully and there's a good chance my palms are no longer a sweaty mess. Happens every time, menacing post button, massaging my pants at thigh level like waiting until your hands are dripping wet to discover there's no paper towels.

The opening sentence took longer to develop than the opening paragraph and this one's doing the same shit. I need a computer. I keep saying that. I hear they come stock with editing tools, that's cool. This has spLeLcheck, old school.

But I can catch a photo like a grand slam all the way back at the warning track. When the rest of the world's at thumb war I'm flickin fitty for breakfast. Add to my exemplary conditioned photo flicking finger are a couple of iOS devices and a GoPro; each of which come from the factory with more image enhancing tools than I know what to do with.

  • Charged device - ✔️
  • Conditioned flicker - ✔️
  • Clear sky - ✔️
  • Glassy water for optimum reflection - ✔️


  • 2 smudges on the lens - ✔️


What The Fuck!

I only saved two photos that day. The above smudgy one and this next one but I wanted the above smudgy one for the cover which meant I no longer had a cover and my only option was to return to Fort Loudoun Lake in East Tennessee in the snow, uphill both ways and fix it.


  • Mission failed - ✔️

The wind was uncooperative. It wasn't windy in an uncomfortable sense, it was comfortably breezy sending ripples across the water cancelling the mirror effect. Plus a couple dudes were fishing off the pier; casting lines, more ripples, wasn't the same. My cover was blown.

I crossed Northshore Drive on foot in search of a new one. Singletrack trails lead through the forest to different coves on the lake. By the time I saw water again, the wind was blocked.


Cloud placement on the right like that with the island positioned to the left looks like a betta fish. A cloud heavy left formation wouldn't work on that one.


Dear @olgavita:

This next one with the sailboats is for round 51. The one where I clearly violated rule #6. I have a difficult time as it is with titles, mandatory wording really fucks me up. Nothing like opening sentences, though, those and cover images! Neither of which touch a post button by the way.

@dandays - The Luckiest Guy I Know


Rocks are a nice feature, they're not part of the mirror, they usually aren't. They don't look comfortable to walk on barefoot but provide a nice contrast. All of those masts, too, I'll enter that one in the contest and maybe this next one on the cover.


Or not. Decisions decisions. I should probably use the second one, the one with all the curvy sticks in it. Or cloud heavy left. Either the second one or cloud heavy left for sure. For sure not the contest entry one cuz it's already a contest entry and definitely not the smudgy one.


Decisions decisions...


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