Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 283 - Papercuts on the street

Hello dear hivians and shadow hunters. Round 282 of Smash contest is open and here is my entry.

An hour ago I did a short walk to a car dealer as I had a question about the boot of some cars. We want to use the car as a micro camper and the surface of the boot should be level. But that's a different story.

While walking I came across this little trees beside the road making a wonderful shadow on the street looking like filigree paper cut.

I stopped and tried to find a good perspective. It wasn't easy as I didn't want to have the photographers shadow on the main picture.

I tried different angles and different positions. Must have been a weird view for the drivers stucking in the traffic jam on the road. 😀

I'm not sure about the tree species. It looks a bit like a vinegar tree but I might be wrong. If you know it better, leave a comment and let me learn something.

Thanks to @melinda010100 for holding the contest.

Have a nice day and always happy hunting 😀

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