Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 143 Entry

Hello friends and Hivers. I've had a rough 24 hours but that's not stopping me from entering the weeks Round 143 Reflection Hunters Contest hosted by @olgavita. I've got quite a few reflections to show you today. Most of them are winter and holiday themed.

My Entry

This shot was captured by me just before the sun set just prior to 5 p.m. I took this at Lake Manawa a place just a few miles from my place. It's not your typical water reflection because the temperatures here have gotten colder. What you see in this picture is the reflection of the suns rays off both the ice and water on the lake.

I just love how you can see the open areas of the lake combined with the frozen. The streak of open water gives the lake something more to look at. Fall is certainly over as you can see the brown brittle vegetation at the shoreline. The reflections are a little bit more dim on the ice but I think that's still pretty cool.

Many of you know I like to fish and this type of environment will not allow for it. The ice is too thin yet and the open water is too far from the shore to partake in it. Perhaps in a few weeks the ice will be thicker to allow for some ice fishing 🥶 🎣 I'm glad I made a visit here and I had no idea that parts of the lake had ice on them already.

The above photos were taken at Baylis Park another place nearby my place. The park is decorated with blue and white lights on trees, a water fountain, and some other structures through the park. I show you these photos because it will be the subject manner of some cool reflections I took of building windows.

I visited here twice in the last few days. The first photo is on my first visit. The building had no decorations at all on it. Upon returning two night later they added some simple green cherry like decorations. The park itself is amazing to view but the reflections of the park in the windows makes it feel even more special. It's really cool how you walk a few feet away and the reflections change. Really cool free decorations right?

Once I got a good look at the park itself I was drawn to the refections outside of it on the windows of buildings on the streets next to it. It's simply amazing to see the reflections and than see them change, disappear and reappear. Night light reflections are really cool aren't they? I love simple colors such as blue 💙 and white 🤍 You see reflections are very much of the Christmas aroma, very cool. Though it was cold, I spent much time here taking in all the lights and reflections. Simple pleasure for the eyes and it really brought a calmness to me.

A little off track with the theme but hey I want to share all the reflections I captured these last few days. No saving them for another week I'd rather give them to you fresh. This is a reflection off a window at my work place. It casted some vehicles in the parking lot, damn near a perfect mirror image.

As always I really enjoy participating in this community. It's simple, fun and exciting all rolled up perfectly together. Time to check out others reflections and creativity. After that time to step on over to the shadow side 😁

Take care, stay safe and enjoy the rest of the week. Until next time!

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