Shadows in front of secondary school in Tapia de Casariego. SMASh Contest 252

Good morning,

During my Christmas holidays, I took advantage of several days off to visit places that I had not visited for years and that somehow marked my life.

Specifically, a few days after the New Year I went to the town of Tapia de Casariego on a sunny afternoon to see how this small Asturian coastal town had changed and in particular to see how the secondary school where I had studied was.

The truth is that the building has not changed at all, but its surroundings have, as in the small square in front of the school, they have installed a small playground surrounded by small wooden fences which gave me a good opportunity to photograph shadows for this wonderful contest.

Photography submitted to SMASh Contest 252

After this visit to the secondary school, I took advantage of my visit to this town to take a walk around the whole village, but I will tell you about this in a future post, but as a preview I would like to tell you that I really enjoyed walking along the promenade, contemplating the beaches and feeling the roar of the sea.

Best Regards

Own photograph taken with my iPhone SE.

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Link to SMASh contest round 152

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