Remembering the shadowhunters community during a day in the mountains

Almost a month ago, all the members of the company, both employees and managers, got together to enjoy a day in the company and in the mountains.

The route we chose was the Ruta de las Xanas, which runs through a gorge between the villages of Las Xanas and Pedroveya, an area of great natural beauty.

The route consisted of about 5 kilometres of moderately difficult climbing, where I took the opportunity to take lots of photos of my companions.

And lots of pictures of the beautiful scenery.

And, of course, I thought of the #shadowhunters community when I saw this overabundance of bushes on the path that crossed one of the streams along the way.


Own photograph taken with my Sony Alpha 6000L.

Cover, separators and banner created with (free version).

Translated with (free version).

Link to SMASh contest 283 organized by @melinda010100

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