Reflective knife. Reflection Hunters Contest Round 107

Hi friends,

This post is my entry to the weekly reflection hunters contest organised by @olgavita in the #shadowhunters community every week. For those of you who might be interested in participating in the contest, here is the link where you can find the instructions to follow in order to participate.

Link to Reflection Hunters Contest Round 107

A couple of weeks ago I met my friend Giuseppe for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants which is the Terra Astur Restaurant in Oviedo.

This restaurant is known in Asturias and I think in many parts of Spain for the great variety of meats and large portions without being an extremely expensive place.

This last time we went to Terra Astur the decoration of the place was slightly changed, as they had incorporated some small yellow lights in different areas of the place.

When I was about to take a piece of rib and cut the meat with the knife, a reflection of this decoration was picked up by the knife and I did not hesitate to look for the best possible angle with the intention to pick up the reflection and share it in the contest.

Photography submitted to Reflection Hunters Contest Round 107

As a celebration for the reflection, would you like a cider sangria?

Cider sangria for those of you who are not familiar is a mixture of apple cider with lemon soda, sugar, ice and apple chunks that is delicious.

Best regards.

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