Reflections on rainy days


It is the second consecutive weekend with persistent rains and little activity, I can do outdoors generating me some anxiety.

A couple of hours ago the rain has given me a truce and I have dared equipped with my umbrella to leave home to go buy bread.

There was not a soul in the town square or in the streets.

After leaving the bread at home, I decided equipped with my umbrella in case it rained again to go for a walk outside the urban center to be in the best place to be on Sundays, which is the countryside.

Obviously, puddles abound on the roads and also in the ditches. Being ideal places for hunting reflections and with it, even if it is the last working day to participate in the contest organized by @olgavita in the #shadowhunters community.

My entry to Reflection Hunters Contest Round 156

Have a nice Sunday.

All photographies taken with my iPhone 13.

Text translated with DeepL (free version)

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