My shadow and its reflection


In view of participating in the shadow contest organized by @melinda010100, every week I am going to participate with a photo that would also be candid to be presented in the reflection contest organized by @olgavita.

In fact, the intention I had when taking the photo was to take a photograph of the reflection of the chain on the window. But in the orientation in which I took the photo, the sun was behind me and I also happened to photograph my shadow and the reflection of the shadow.

The photograph was taken at the Repsol oil company's Research Center in Móstoles.

Where apart from some additional reflections that I will present in a few days in my post to participate in the contest organized by @olgavita, I was able to enjoy an area with trees with yellow leaves with the arrival of autumn.

A cordial greeting.

Own photograph taken with my iPhone 13.

Cover, separators and banner created with (free version).

Translated with Google Traductor (free version).

Link to SMASh contest 297 organized by @melinda010100

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