Art gallery in the hotel corridor with a final shadow

There are hotels that have a very good taste for art and set the corridors where the room is very carefully.

In the hotel I am staying this week in Móstoles (Madrid) I was especially delighted with this colorful painting that represents a tree in autumn with orange, brown and yellow colors, but also evokes the hope of sprouting again by mixing green and blue colors very much associated with the rebirth of life.

Along the corridor, I counted five paintings among which I can highlight this painting in yellow and white tones where you can see a person sitting next to the access stairs of some kind of store.

Another of the paintings that I liked, was this painting that presents a kind of door in dark tones that invites us to enter into the unknown or that opens a path to the shadow.

Did I say shadow?

Well, there were also shadows in the hallway, and they were also hanging on the wall like the previous paintings, but in the shape of a fire extinguisher and with a clear and wonderful shadow for this week's contest.

Photography submitted to SMASh Contest Round 296

I hope you had fun with the post.

Best regards.

Own photograph taken with my iPhone 13.

Cover, separators and banner created with (free version).

Translated with (free version).

Link to SMASh contest 296 organized by @melinda010100

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