My entry for the Reflection Hunters contest round 166

Hello, my dear people of the @shadowhunters community. I hope we are all having a great time. This is my entry for the Reflection Hunters contest round 166.
This is my entry photo:

For this round, I am going to share with you the reflections I got from school after our physics practical experiment. Everywhere was very rowdy after the exercise because when we discussed the answers we all got some contrasting answers. We were asked to carry out experiments to determine the refractive index of a glass prism which is approximately 1.5
A lot of people got answers far off from the expected range. So out of the confusion and tempo in the environment, I got the opportunity to forget my worries and take some reflection photos.
Here are the photos:

The photos are all mine and I hope you love them. Thanks for checking up on my post and have a great day.

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