SMASh Entry Shadow Hunters Contest Entry Round 208: Human


Look what I found, a human.

I'm taking photos of random humans walking by on this day. I was perched way up in a tree perfecting my long range photography skills while watching what these humans were up to. This person I'm not sure what they were doing. A device was in their hands and they seemed fascinated with it.

The strange looking contraption must have been dirty or something as they were swiping left, right, up and down. Sometimes it made strange bell noises. I have no idea what it is but it appears very addictive.

I was sure not to get my own shadow in the way, humans only.

Thank you for running Shadow Hunters @melinda010100 @annephilbrick and @seckorama, there are so many shadows to capture and we will try to capture as many as we can.

The shadow bug might have bitten you too after reading this posting so I'll make it nice and easy for anyone who wishes to participate. All are welcome and we can always use more shadows. They make the world go round as we all know.

You may visit the link below and read all about it. Easy peasy


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