A sunny day with my daughter - Entry for the Shadow Contest.

We have such a rainy period here in Sofia. When I saw about the shadow hunters community I got really enthusiastic, because I love shooting shadows, reflections, the space between the leaves of a tree, the street lights in a rainy night.

So I decided to make some new photos for a post, but the weather had different opinion... till this day when I woke up in the morning with the following view:

I saw the shadows inside the big window of this nice brutalistic building and said this is the day.


Left of the building, we have a view to the nearby park and a beautiful tree witch also was half sunny, half shadow:


After me and Poly had our morning coffee it was my turn to go out with Vihra (my 2 year old daughter)


Walking down the stairs with sun behind our back gave us a lot of fun and the opportunity to make my contest entry photo:


Vihra, really enjoys chasing shadows or saying "Hi" to them :D


Outside we were fast to enter in the kid's playground where Vihra was playing and I god the opportunity to catch another nice shadow:


The little flowery thing is something we regularly do together, taking some stones, sticks, flowers and grass and make this kind of art in a sand toys.


Later we had a walk in the park, I couldn't take more photos, cause my batter went of, but I will share and old unpublished one that is perfectly showing how our combined shadow look when she got tired:

Later in the day the rain came back and the shadows were gone. Still we got a nice walk and some nice shadows!


All images, text and illustrations in this post are original content.


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