My Entry Into shadow hunters #247

Good day to you all and it's nice to have you guys again

The image for my shadow Hunt today is about cage. when I saw this image, it motivated me to talk what I have about this image. looking at this image it simply reminds me of prison bars. now many people are in prison because some knew what they did while others did not even know what they did. the innocent stays in the prison suffering for what they never did day and night, while the guilty roams the street without pressure or fear. If they could be a better way of judgement I think the innocent would have had the right to talk.

I woke up this morning, going to work, when I stumbled on this shadow image. when I saw this image, it motivated me to write something on it. This image you see was snapped with my tecno pop 5.

Thanks for viewing my post i hope to see you guys again.
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