SMASh 225 - Enchanting Fragrant Lavender Shadow

( EN / DE ) Who does not love the wonderful scent of freshly blooming lavender? On top of that, this one has conjured up a very ingenious shadow on the stone wall. So doubly magic!
Can you smell it?


Zauberhaft duftender Lavendel Schatten

Wer liebt nicht den wundervollen Duft von frisch bl├╝hendem Lavendel? Dieser hier hat obendrein noch einen sehr genialen Schatten auf die Steinmauer gezaubert. Also doppelt zauberhaft!
Kannst du ihn riechen?

This was my entry to the Show Me A Shadow Contest no 223, hostet by the Shadow Hunters Community and our dear @melinda010100

For joining in and learning about how to do, just visit this post: @melinda010100/shadow-hunters-community-contest-smash-7dc708c7babdc

all photos by @beeber
mostly Translated with (free version)

break for shadows banner by @oceanbee
Hive Memorial Forest banner by @thekittygirl

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