KyBiMo Garden 🍀 My entry to Shadow Hunters Contest Round 172

Having bike trips on the weekends always brings me a lot of happy moments, and last Sunday was another beautiful ride with my friend.
Like usually I sat behind him and could spend time looking around and taking photos on the way. While playing with my camera phone, I made one shot with our shadow and it turned into a funny picture. At the first sign, it's like he was taking a penguin behind him, quite big with ninja clothes set to protect from the sun but I swear only a half of his weight😅

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-31 at 3.04.53 PM.jpeg

The destination that day was a garden coffee in Hoi An We arrived there around noontime and luckily they were preparing a local market day and we had the opportunity to experience some farming activities and local food around Vietnam.

This garden located in Thanh Ha ceramic village is called KyBiMo Garden Cafe and Restaurant. The owner named his coffee garden under her three children's name since she wants her children to be always together and this is their home to go back with the family.


I was amazed by the rustic decoration and so much energetic color. The Vietnamese traditional hats which farmers often use to protect from the sun are drawn in different themes and used as street lights in the evening. All wooden columns are kept in natural shapes and framed along the way and make shades for plants.


They use bamboos a lot for furniture and cover as well


Going thru the garden, you easily find some beautiful spots to take selfies with. This is one of those.


How beautiful the table is! The person who made it must be very creative minded while combining between flower tiles and wood. There are so many talented carpenters and craftsmen in this ceramic village.


I love this section where I can act myself as an artist on these handmade pots. You can bring it back home to celebrate your working day with a little fee charged.

This coffee garden was designed very well for families spending a quality weekend with their children. Besides that, it's also an ideal place for digital nomads to work during the weekdays as it's very quiet and relaxing. Plus they serve yummy Vietnamese cuisines around Vietnam, especially all wrap and rolls dishes made from their own vegetables.



We ordered a set of swaps and rolls for 2 people. The host recommended us to try them with pork meat. Unfortunately, my friend couldn't eat meat so we took the vegetarian set. It looks so tempting, isn't it? The signature for this set was all their homemade sauces which I don't know how they make, not too spicy but enough to balance the taste between garlic, tamarind, and soy sauce.

In spite of getting burned on our faces and hands, we had a great Sunday to explore a new Hoi An which is not only an ancient town but also green and pure agricultural land to recharge the body after a workweek. Thank you @melinda010100 for holding this contest and @apnigrich for the biggest delegation so that I can show some shadows and share my Fun_Sunday with everyone. I hope you had a great weekend and an amazing week ahead.

Thank you for stopping by and support my post 💚

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