Round 225 of the Shadow Hunters Smash Contest (Shadows of the trees and other Objects)

Let's move on to the next round of the shadow contest, round 225, in which all participants are invited to show off their best shadow photography.



I created five beautiful images that depict the shadows of various objects. The first image is my entry for the Shadow Hunters Contest, in which I attempted to capture the shadows of various objects placed on food Dastarkhwan. Along with this, I attempted to show you my cultural foods through photography. Along with the tea, there are various food items such as dryfruits, fruits, cakes, and cookies.




Other images include the shadows of the trees, which are very beautiful, and I tried to capture the best image possible. The shadow of the fancy lantern has another look that is also lovely. I experimented with different angles and chose the best one. The images were taken at the BOLAN CSD ground, which is one of the best natural areas. This location is breathtaking, and the photography over-here is outstanding. In the last picture, I tried to capture the tree shadow while avoiding myself in the shadow, but the sun angle was in a direction where I was visible.


This is my attempt to present you with the best shadow images and shots. This is an entry for the contest, and I wish I had included the appropriate images as well. If you enjoyed the post, please give it a thumbs up because appreciation motivates the next round to be even better. Thank you for sticking with me until the end.

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