Reflection Hunters Contest Round 81 (Visit TO Fatimia Centre)

Wonderful day spent with my friends and, in particular, my honourable teacher, who put in a lot of effort for his pupils. One of Mariabad's most well-known locations, Shafa Khana, is close by the Fatima Center on Alamdar Road. This centre was specifically established to assist the underprivileged. to instil compassion and love among people and to teach these virtues in the Hazara community. The people of Quetta city, especially the poor people who are supported here, really benefit from this centre in all regards.

I have to go to Fatimia Centre to meet my honourable teacher and other friends. I saw many of my friends and we talked and laughed a lot. We were served special tea and pastry items, which made me very happy, and we enjoyed the evening tea. I went out to check on different rooms in the Fatimia Centre and discovered some window mirrors with very visible reflections. I decided to make some photos of various reflections and enter the contest.

The first image is my entry for round 81 of the contest, and I hope it is well received as well. This is my first participation in a long time, and I have tried to capture the best reflection pictures to share with you. The first image shows a reflection of a beautiful plant vase in a window mirror. When I saw the vase's reflection, I thought it was very beautiful, so I decided to take some pictures from different angles and later choose one of the best images for the contest entry.

The following image is a reflection of my friend Zulfiqar, who is a very decent and nice person. He is a worker at the centre and a very honest young man. He was passing by when I noticed his reflection in the mirror and asked him to please come over here and stand so that I could take some pictures of him. He was initially perplexed as to why you were taking my picture against the mirror while I was explaining the contest to him. My friend's reflection is very clear, and I was unsure which one to enter in the contest.

There are some more reflection images that I took from various angles. More plant vase and other people reflection images are included in the reflection images. This is my attempt to provide you with the best possible reflection images and to participate in the reflection contest. I hope you enjoy the photography and that it inspires you. If you enjoyed the photography and the reading, please leave a comment so that the next post can be even better. Thank you for sticking with me until the end.

REMEMBER: We should prepare for the unexpected and hope for the best. Life may not be easy, but you must do your best and leave the rest to God.

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