Life and death - eternal companions

Hello, friends.

This is my answer to the contest Reflection Hunters Contest Round 22 by @annephilbrick

I waited a long time for the next stage of the competition and was very patient. And so it happened. I can show you my new works. Thank you to our commander @annephilbrick

The photo was taken 3 days ago - June 14, 2021.
That evening, we took a walk with my wife and daughter to the river. Of course, our dog was with us. Recently, her uterus was removed, there was a cancerous tumor and now it is not as active as before, but still better than 2 months ago.


This day is also a little special in our family. 31 years ago, my wife and I officially got married.
We never celebrate this day, but still it is somehow nice to understand on such a day that we did not make a mistake once upon a time and live together. But children forget to congratulate their mother on such a day. And I am ashamed that I also forgot to congratulate my wife this year. But to be honest, she always forgets about this day. Probably, for her, all the days of our life have passed and are going well.


This year has brought us challenges. First they found cancer in the dog, and recently they found cancer in my wife's father. And it's already inoperable. A very large tumor inside.
In the Russian Federation, it is not very common to go to the doctors, especially for men. So the father-in-law never complained about the state of health. He says he doesn't have any pain. But he's lost a lot of weight this winter. Cancer eats it from the inside out. We understand that no one lives forever, but you will never be ready for that, that you see a man die and there's nothing you can do to help him.

I apologize, friends, if I have any of you saddened after reading my post. Don't be sad. Life and death always walk side by side. These are the realities of life.


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