Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest- Round 189. Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh


My shadow that can be photographed and shown to everyone.
On the streets of the city, passing somewhere during the day?
When the sun is shining and the shadows are clearly visible.


Large porch to the house, from which you can see the shadows.
Shadows and sun, shadows and day, as a moment of life.
And this is the kind of work and creativity of a photographer.


Shadow from a tree on a city street where I walked by.
And here it is - a theme for creativity appeared.
This is a pretty good option to show to all viewers.


There are shadows from the trees in the park even on a hot day.
A shady alley where it's cool even at noon when it's hot.
This was the summer when there were no thoughts in my head.


And then a shadow fell on the carrot tile in my garden.
And this is in a village outside the city in the summer.
A beautiful photograph showing a bright shadow.


Shadows at noon from the fence on the sidewalk.
Nothing good in the daytime when it's so hot.
Summer! And we ought to rest, but we are working.


Shadows on paving slabs where two are standing.
Apparently some kind of conversation is going on?
That's interesting - What are they talking about?


The shadow from the glasses that lie on the table.
Simple, concise and creative, as we can see.
A shadow that is so dense during the day in the world.


A photographer who is on the streets in the morning.
On the streets of the city, which are just waking up.
The beauty is in the simple approach and composition.


Here is a shadow from a maple tree on a large concrete fence.
Bright shadows from the leaves of the tree, like prints.
And all because the day is bright and sunny in the morning.


Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest- Round 189


What is better in the end - to enter or leave the shadow? It doesn't matter when - in summer or winter, spring or autumn. Nature generously gives us all kinds of beauty, including the urban environment where we all live. Very often, the streets of the city become some kind of theater, where we, as artists, and sometimes, like clowns, play in the performance. And this performance creates a metropolis where each of us gets his role. It is clear that the roles can be different - for someone it is the role of a scientist or an engineer, and for someone it is a clown or even a janitor. And each of us, in his role, is responsible for either entering the tent, or out of the shadows and photographing it. And no matter how colorful our world is, there are still more dark white shadows in it, regardless of the palette. And what is this in the end? This, as I understand it, is the color of loneliness, whether we like it or not. The shadow, as the basis of photography in our lifetime, removes all unnecessary things, leaving only what is laconic, simple and understandable to all people around. The urban environment leaves us no chance to have a lot of color in life. For those who are in the subject - this is either black and white, or gray with all its shades. For city dwellers who fall into the shadows, as if into emptiness, they become faceless, despite the fuss around. And in this facelessness all meaning is lost, but not for the photographer. The master knows his business and for him the shadow is the basis of creativity, where there are all colors. The photographer does not drown in this deceptive space, he simply works to show the beauty of the shadows to the viewer. These are my thoughts about the shadows that we all see every day.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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