My Entry for Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 254

Hello all, have a nice day.

This picture was taken a few days ago. It was taken in Inwa, an area where the ancient culture of Myanmar still remains. The Inwa region has many ancient works left and is an area visited by most foreigners visiting Myanmar. Although it is not as large as Bagan region, the cultural heritage can bring back the era. This photo was taken in one of the ancient heritages of Me Nu Brick Monastery.

Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery (မဟာအောင်မြေဘုံစံကျောင်း), commonly known as the Me Nu Brick Monastery (မယ်နုအုတ်ကျောင်း), is a historic Buddhist monastery in Inwa, Mandalay Region, Myanmar/Burma.

Thank you.


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