My Entry For Reflection Hunters Contest Round 131

Hello everyone. Have a nice day.

Yesterday, I reached the bank of the Irrawaddy River. It was after 3 o'clock in the afternoon and the heat of the sun was intense. It wasn't time to exercise, so I stood in the shade of a tree growing by the river and looked out over the Irrawaddy River. Since the river is high, most of the trees along the bank are in the water. A group of hotels and clouds can be seen in the sky. When I saw the clouds and the trees reflected in the river because of the light of the sun, I subconsciously took out my phone from my bag and had already selected the camera mode. I took a few photos, took a deep breath, and left the bank of the Irrawaddy River. One of the photos I took is this week's contest entry.

The photo below is my entry photo for this week's Reflection Hunters Contest Round 131.

Thank you all.


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