My entry in "Show Me A Shadow Round 187"

I still held my vase of my newly bought bunch of white roses in one hand when seeing the postie open the gate. Needing a free hand to take a couple of parcels I just happen to put my vase down on the outside pavers. I am not sure why I did not put the vase on the front door stand as I usually do. But, I am glad I didn't on this occasion as when I walked back with my parcels this is what I saw, a perfect shadow of roses in a vase.


Fast track to a week later and my roses looked very sad, the once pretty white bright petals now drooped. Being an #alwaysaflower lover I so resist throwing out flowers, I wait until they are very dead. They still cast a creative shadow I thought.


I replaced my now gone to the garden white roses with some pretty pink gerberas, bought yesterday at the supermarket. The little white gerbera comes from my garden and oh such a lovely contrast to the pink. So of course out I went to the pavers to take a photo of the shadow.


Here just for fun, the final little touch, is my last little photo of the gerberas showing the shadow of tips of the palm tree branches. And oops, forgetful me am adding the photo now. My apologies fellow Shadow Hunters.

New Note.jpeg

So ends my entry post in SMASh 187 (thank you for your creativity @gems.and.cookies). The shadow photo that I wish to enter is the first one, the pretty white roses standing in a vase in the sun. The shadow that started my journey of taking more pics of flowers in a vases.


Always fun @melinda010100 to enter your Shadow Hunter's Contest, thank you for all your hard work. Also gratitude to all the hard workers behind the scene. It takes a community to make something like run smoothly.



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