Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 296

This is my entry into the Shadow Hunters Community Contest Round 296 by @melinda010100

To take part and also have a look at the contest rules check out the link:

Hello good people, hope we are all enjoying the cool weather? It is another time to go out and hunt for shadows. Hunting for shadows this week has not been all that easy as the rains have returned. Thus, most of the time of the day are usually cloudy, with little or no sun at all. But I was able to spot four cool shadows when the sun managed to show itself.

My first shadow hunt comes from a security wire on a wall fence. My hunt for shadows threw this one up for me. My security wire gauze presented me with this perfect shadow which I've made my number one.

The second shadow comes from a drum that was placed there to serve as an emergency "no parking" sign. While I was walking across the area I stumbled on its beautiful shadow.

The third is also a drum just like the second shadow above. The drums were placed there to prevent people from parking thereat. The two drums.

The last for the day is a walking Orr trekking man. I met this guy who was also walking down just past the drums in shadows two and three above. Getting three shadows from one location, !LOL. You can say that again!!!

That's all for now. I hope you like the shadows too. Let me know what you feel about them in the comment section. All images are original and are mine too. I captured them with my Infinix Android Phone. Thanks for viewing my blog.

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