Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 297

This is my entry into the Shadow Hunters Community Contest Round 297 by @melinda010100

To take part in this fun contest you may have a look at the contest rules via the link:

Hello good people, hope we are all enjoying the cool weather? It is another time to go out and have a walk around our immediate environment and hunt for great shadows.

For this round of contest, I'll be showing four shadows, basically coming form automobiles.

The first shadow on display comes from a mini bus parked at a corner of a street. Honestly, it was not an easy task hunting for shadows for this round as we have Ben having humid weather with intermittent rainfall. Nobody expects rains by this time of the year. But that's what it is. Probably this could be as a result of climate change. Here is the said shadow:

The second shadow comes from combined shadows of a street light, parked tricycle and an avocado tree. That's three in one really. As I was returning from the motor park, I saw this overcast shadow and I captured it to complete my collections for this round.

The third comes from a parked Corolla vehicle. That was also found on my way back from the park. I have two shots of this particular shadow, the close shot showing a side view and the one I took from a bit far showing the entire vehicle. Here are they

The last but not the least comes from another parked car close to an avocado tree. In this one you will also find three shadows in one, namely: the Corolla vehicle, block fence and the avocado tree.

With these I round off my shadow hunting and they represent my cool collections for this round of shadow hunting.

Note: All images were captured by me with my Android smartphone. Thanks for viewing.

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