Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 321

This is my entry into the Shadow Hunters Community Contest Round 321 by @melinda010100

To take part in this fun contest you may have a look at the contest rules via the link:

Hello good people, hope we are all enjoying the weather from our various locations? It is yet another time to go out and hunt for great shadows. For this round of my hunt, I'll present shadows from three sources.

My first set of shadows for this round of contest comes from a guava tree. As I was walking past this particular track road, I noticed that the sun has made a nice shadow of guava tree. Just take a look and see:

The second shadow for this round comes from a satellite dish. I saw this shadow come out nice on the floor of my compound. Here is it too.

The third and final shadows for this round comes from the a tank stand. Just watch how smartly the sun brought out the shadows of the bars of this tank stand for everyone to see.

That's all from me for this round of contest. Let's keep hunting for shadows too. Until next time, thanks for viewing my blog.

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